Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Soul Tracks review of "You Did It All"

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  1. Nice Blog about the reality of executives' perspective of the music world. I've done research, and talked to many in the industry about this subject. We have to remember the industry has always fed off of young talent: young talent is the heartbeat of "Pop Culture." Music executive have always wanted young talent that they can groom&promote the way they see fit: Older artists, being mature, know what direction they want to take with their image and/or brand, music, and it doesn't always fit into a particular record company's style, or, philosophy.

    One thing that stands strong for established artists, such as Macy Gray, is they have a following that will come to see them perform, based on their prior successes. Unfortunately, there has always been numerous artists that have been "placed-on-the-shelf" by record companies, for whatever reasons.

    The beauty of the internet is that artists can promote themselves,as they see fit, to millions of people worldwide (as we're well aware of). Therefore, the artist has to use every platform available to promote oneself. Equally as important, they have to stay on scene - be everywhere - within their genre: this is the trick.

    Today's artists has to find their niche within the expanded industry, and shine bright, be a star, within that expanded industry. It's tough for artists, young and mature, to create a niche and succeed within that niche. Record companies are only interested in the bottom line, profits for the company; oppose to artistic value. Still, it's the people who determine the value of the artist's talent(s). Therefore, the artist has to constantly be touch with those who enjoy, appreciate, and are willing to pay for the artist's talent(s).

    Today's independent artist has to perform at every event,(show)possible, in order to gain name recognition. There are many others out there that will recognize the talent, and will assist in promoting the artist that has connected with the people(fans)that admire & respect the artist's talent. Bottom line: Stay in sight, because of the old saying: "Out-of-sight, Out-of-mind"

    That's it for now Miss Ebony. You're on the right track: Just take it to the next level; and you have to determined what that is for you sweetie pie.
    Much Luv2U